Between the Summits

We've all been there . . . a workshop or conference that we've attended that captured our imaginations and stirred our hearts. Your conference notebook got filled up with what "could've been" life changing principles and/or new ideas that "might have" taken your business to a whole new level. We say "could've and might have" because 90% of the time those conference notebooks never make it to the light of day once you're back in the grind of the day to day. New ideas don't get fleshed out, new learnings never get executed - and the principles that really did have the capacity to deepen the effectiveness of your organization stay stuck on a page in a notebook that eventually gets buried in the far corner of your office. We want to put an end to this "leadership stifling" pattern.

The Fort Wayne/Sweetwater Global Leadership Summit invites you to take your organization's leadership to an entirely new level. Bring the powerful content of this year's Summit experience to the next level by learning how to apply and integrate core GLS principles into your organization. Dive deeper into content from the Leadership Summit while creating transformational growth opportunities for you and your team.

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